How to drive full price sales with discount codes?

Did you know you can run a voucher code promotion that drives full price sales? Sounds a bit crazy doesn’t it, but read on to see how Uniqodo’s Content Gates make it possible.

Voucher codes don’t need to trigger a discount. By gating access to some content you can issue a code that enables selected customers to unlock, access and buy these products. This helps you increase demand and nurture your relationships with this group of customers.

Instead of luring customers in with discounts, we suggest you prompt a selected segment to buy by offering them what no one else can access. For example; a new product range, priority booking or preview to a sale. You name it, we’ll gate it!

Make it clear that the offer and the customer are special as limited availability tends to create an urge to buy. And what’s more, here every purchase is made at full price so running this kind of campaign is profitable and safe.

As a bonus to a higher profit margin, you also get brownie points for treating your customers well, which is good practice for any business seeking long-term success and repeat business.

Give it a go now or read what other campaigns you can run using unique codes.

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