Batches of codes: why and when to use them?

High-volume affiliates require merchants to provide them either with a generic code or a batch of unique ones. Generic codes tend to leak into and across the affiliate marketing channel, diluting the value a promotion has for your chosen publisher. On the contrary unique codes can’t leak. By using unique single-use codes, you can run truly exclusive promotions with any affiliate and negotiate better exposure for your offers. With Uniqodo not only is this possible, but also extremely fast and easy to do.


How does Uniqodo make working with affiliates better?

  • No leakage: guarantee the exclusivity of a promotion, and negotiate better exposure for your offer.
  • A streamlined process: generating millions of codes on our platform is quick and easy, and requires no software development
  • Simple campaign set-up: save time and effort as each batch of codes is delivered directly to your distributor’s inbox


Here are a few ideas on how to use codes in affiliate marketing campaigns…

Instead of classic single use codes, try revenue loyalty discount codes that will provide a larger discount every time the customer spends X amount of money. Great for encouraging repeat business.

Create a sense of urgency with a discount or revenue limited promotion that expires after a target number of discounts or set amount of revenue has been reached.

Alternatively you could strengthen your call-to-action with exciting mystery codes that give the customer a surprise discount at checkout.


These are just some of the things you can do with Uniqodo, and we’d love to explore more opportunities with you.

Give us a call, and make our award-winning marketing technology yours.

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