Blogger Button – why and when to use it?

The Uniqodo blogger button used to issue codes on blogs and websites

Our Blogger Button is the simplest solution to run promotions with your influencer network. Traditionally, these influencers have only been able to provide their followers with generic codes, which are highly vulnerable to being leaked. Uniqodo’s click-to-reveal Blogger Button generates a unique code to each reader. What’s more, setting it up only requires sending the blogger a line of HTML to be added to their blog post.

Easy and very effective.

How does Uniqodo make working with bloggers better?

  • Unique codes for your influencers: get exposure and get closer to your audience
  • No voucher code leakage: maximises your revenue per transaction
  • Accountability: Know and reward your best partnerships to grow revenues together

Here are just a few ideas on how to use the Blogger Button…

Create a sense of urgency and buzz, and run a volume limited promotion for the first 100 lucky readers.

You could try discount limited codes, vouchers that are valid until a cumulative discount value has been redeemed. Ideal to help you give a short boost to a sales campaign.

Linked-purchase codes are reactivated for customers who spend over a set amount, giving them a second use of their discount code.  They work well if you want to encourage repeat purchases.


These are just some of the things you can do with Uniqodo, and we’d love to explore more opportunities with you.

Give us a call, and make our award-winning marketing technology yours.

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