Email codes – why and when to use them?

Using unique codes in emails removes the risk of code leakage and abuse. Because these codes can’t be shared, you can track email campaign conversions more accurately, and benchmark your work with increased precision. Every purchase is linked to a specific code, and you’ll have complete clarity over the impact of your emails.


How does Uniqodo make email marketing better?

  • Added control: codes can’t leak into the affiliate marketing channel, or be used by others besides your targeted customers
  • Easy setup: copy & paste a line of HTML in your existing email template, Uniqodo does the rest
  • Accountability: code tracking data provides extremely accurate end-to-end sales attribution
  • Enable creativity: run promotions that were previously too generous or open to exploitation
  • Stronger Call-to-Action: more compelling messages with absolute and measurable outcomes


Here are a couple ideas on how you could use codes in your marketing emails…

Volume limited codes are redeemable until a target number of purchases have been made, while revenue limited codes are redeemable until the set value of sales revenue has been reached. Both are great for hands-free email campaigns – no more worries about codes going viral or too many discounts being issued. Set the limits, and watch your revenue grow.

You could also try diminishing discount codes that lose value at a set rate from the date of issuance. Perfect for making a strong call-to-action, just like dynamic expiry codes that are only valid for 24 hours (or any given time frame).


There are lots of other ways to use codes creatively and enhance your promotions. Together we can explore which will work best  for you.

Give us a call, and make our award-winning marketing technology yours.

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