Embedded codes & on-site personalisation

Uniqodo works with your personalisation software, such as Optimizely or Adobe Target, and lets you embed unique voucher codes directly into targeted on-site messages. This will make your existing  personalised content more powerful, and add a unique call-to-action to messages previously incapable of carrying such elements.


How does Uniqodo improve on-site personalisation?

  • Extend the impact of your personalisation software: display a targeted voucher code with each marketing message
  • Stronger CTA: maximise the impact of your personalised offer with a unique code
  • Unique codes = no leakage: get creative with personalising promotions – your codes can’t be leaked or abused


Here are two ideas on how to use embeddable codes…

Display codes for free delivery to customers in certain regions only, or hide all codes for loyal customers highly likely to purchase without added incentives.

You could offer a customer a voucher code for products related to their previous purchase. As the code is personalised and unique, only they will be able to see and use it.  


These are just some of the things you can do with Uniqodo, and we’d love to explore more opportunities with you.

Give us a call, and make our award-winning marketing technology yours.


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