How to improve your profitability & SEO with unique codes?

All too often customers look for a discount code during the purchasing process, which invariably takes them to an affiliate’s website that publishes vouchers. As you know, you then end up paying for the referral on top of giving away the discount.


There are ways to reduce the volume of customers who go scouting for discounts. If you dedicate a page on your website for displaying voucher codes, you’ll show up on search engine results when customers look for codes. By using Uniqodo, your codes they won’t leak onto other websites, and you can confidently own your own traffic.


How does Uniqodo improve your SEO & profitability?


  • Show up at the top of search results for “your brand + voucher code”
  • Don’t pay commission for unnecessary referrals  


This is just one example of what you can do with Uniqodo, and we’d love to explore more opportunities with you.

Give us a call, and make our award-winning marketing technology yours.

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