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Love a discount? How Uniqodo began to secure the future of coupon codes

Born from an idea sparked by a challenge in the market, Uniqodo sprang to life as a coupon code service provider in 2014. Today, with their unique software-as-a-service, Uniqodo helps some of the largest ecommerce companies run personalised and precise … Read More

Uniqodo Content Gates in action

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How to improve your profitability & SEO with unique codes?

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Embedded codes & on-site personalisation

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Codes for abandonment

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The Uniqodo blogger button used to issue codes on blogs and websites

Blogger Button – why and when to use it?

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Batches of codes: why and when to use them?

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Email codes – why and when to use them?

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How to drive full price sales with discount codes?

Did you know you can run a voucher code promotion that drives full price sales?

Sounds a bit crazy doesn’t it, but read on to see how Uniqodo’s Content Gates make it possible. … Read More

Uniqodo for better customer service

Happy customers are at the core of every successful business. Uniqodo wants to contribute to that by making customer service as easy as possible for you.

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