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Discounting is Dead. Long live Discounting! Don’t get stuck using generic tools to deliver promotions to your customers. Uniqodo helps brands to solve over-discounting, conversion optimisation, promotion leakage and eroding margins with a simple, yet beautifully sophisticated Promotions Engine. 

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Powerful upgrade, simple integration

Upgrade any eCommerce platform with Uniqodo’s Promotion Engine and advance the way you market and message to your audience using coupon codes. Add a JavaScript tag to your eCommerce website and be set up in minutes or integrate our developer-friendly APIs.

Preventing Code Misuse

Preventing Code Misuse

Reduce over-discounting and increase profit margins by preventing coupon codes from being shared or leaking into places you didn't intend and disrupting other marketing activities.


Enabling Partnerships

Open up new partnerships and drive revenue opportunities with affiliate media or brand partners using unique, secure and single-use coupon codes, where issuance is controlled to your targeted audiences and closed user groups.

Enabling Partnerships
Advanced Discounting

Advanced Discounting

Advance your discounting functionality with criteria based promotions to target the variables that make sense for your business; products, destinations, dates, availability, audiences and more.


Increasing Conversions

Run A/B tests and display marketing messages overlaid or inline on webpages to target and test promotions to specific segments and audiences for Conversion Rate Optimisation and increased ROI.

Increasing Conversions

What our customers are saying

Uniqodo has increased the number of affiliate partners we can work with and has significantly broadened the offers BT can publicise.

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Oliver Mould

Senior Online Sales Manager | BT

Working with Uniqodo has significantly accelerated Travelodge’s campaign capabilities, resulting in our three biggest booking days ever.

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Tony Barker

Head of Digital Acquisition | Travelodge

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