Promotion Experience Platform

Combine a Powerful Promotion Engine with Engaging Onsite Experiences

Deliver end-to-end promotional journeys that meet business goals by combining the performance of a powerful Promotion Engine with onsite experience solutions.


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Activate promotions that deliver on business goals at any touchpoint


Advance Promotions

A powerful Promotion Engine for enabling a wide range of rewards for customers based on any defined criteria at any scale


Onsite Experiences

Create targeted onsite experiences to reduce site abandonment, drive new signups and boost incremental revenue through upsell and cross-sell messages.


Promotion Distribution

Enable cross-channel promotion distribution across CRM, mobile app, paid search, social media, affiliates, partners and onsite


Loyalty & Referrals

Drive repeat purchases and customer retention through loyalty programmes and referrals.


Coupon Codes

Advanced coupon code solution that gives marketers control over their promotions across all channels


Affiliate Marketing

Enable brands to partner with affiliates to promote their products and services using promotions, increasing their reach and driving sales.

Consolidate your marketing promotion stack into a single holistic platform

Promotion Engine

Our flexible Promotion Engine enables you to incentivise customers with a wide range of rewards based on any defined criteria at any scale.

With the ability to combine customer, product, and cart data, you can schedule and launch promotions in minutes, activate them in real-time, and empower your marketing team with a feature-rich platform. Best of all, our platform does not require your developers' involvement in promotion management, giving you the freedom to execute your promotion strategy with ease.


Onsite Experiences

Maximise your site's potential with our powerful onsite experience solutions.

Reduce site abandonment, boost new signups, and increase incremental revenue through upsell and cross-sell messages that are delivered at the right moment to the right customers.

Our solutions use promotion engagement data and onsite triggers to deliver highly-performing exit-intent overlays, inline promotional messages, newsletter signups and more on any e-commerce website.

 Promotion Distribution

Uniqodo's promotion distribution capabilities allow efficient and automated distribution of unique coupon codes and promotions across marketing channels.

Coupon codes can be distributed across different channels including CRM, mobile app, paid search, social media, affiliates, partners and onsite. Uniqodo's capabilities enhance customer experience, streamline coupon distribution, and prevent revenue loss.


Loyalty Points

Improve customer retention by rewarding customers for their purchases and behaviour with points redeemable against a future purchase. Define different earning rules to encourage customers to perform actions such as referring new customers, subscribing to your newsletter, making repeat purchases, and much more.

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