What is Promotion Experience?

Promotion Experience empowers eCommerce brands to accelerate growth in an increasingly digital world.


It’s how you maximise the ROI of promotions

Promotion Experience creates unique and memorable moments that connect with customers and drive outcomes using promotions.

Every one of your customers is unique, and each will respond to promotional marketing in different ways across the customer lifecycle. Promotion Experience uses this to your advantage. It’s the creation of an end-to-end customer journey that’s continually enhanced by targeted and tailored promotions.

Uniqodo uses automated and unique promo codes to enable sophisticated, customised and controlled promotional strategies that target and engage your customers. Promotion Experience finds the optimal time to create personalised and authentically useful promotions that help you acquire, convert, engage and retain customers.

It sounds like magic. It’s not. It’s Promotion Experience from Uniqodo.

EE Student Discount Affiliate Promotion Journey

Why focus on Promotion Experience?

We'll let the numbers do the talking. Jacamo increased the conversion rate of one campaign to just under half of all recipients. Travelodge recorded their highest ever volume of bookings in a single week. BT saw an immediate return of 2,500 sales.

It does this by targeting customers across the four key stages of their customer journey

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Improve Acquisition

Market only to your chosen audiences on paid, owned or earned media with segmented and customised promotions for optimal acquisition.

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Amplify Conversion

Target your customers at bespoke, data-driven touchpoints on your website with unique, personalised codes to maximise conversion.

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Drive Engagement

Use relevant, contextualised and personalised marketing combined with ideal placement throughout the customer journey to make sure engagement levels are always optimised.

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Increase Retention

Guide repeat users to the promos they need for the products and services they want, ensuring retention and increased lifetime value, with the added bonus of improving the eCommerce customer experience.

How can you create a great Promotion Experience?

That’s where Uniqodo’s Promotion Experience Platform comes in

It’s simple. Partnering with Uniqodo gives you access to expertise and creativity when it comes to planning and executing promotional strategy. Coupled with Uniqodo’s Promotion Experience platform which integrates and connects with channels and audiences to create a streamlined promotional journey that drives conversion.

Core Features

Integrated into your site, promo codes hit at the right moment in the right place to secure conversions.

Make your users feel special with unique early access codes.

Samsung landing page

Design and launch promo-centred landing pages to enhance the customer journey.

Travellodge criteria-based promotion

Target promotions based on real-time visitor search behaviour and any basket data.

Give your customers a reason to sign up other than your product, and they’ll be more likely to convert and more likely to stick around.

Immediately flag up incorrect codes to your customer, driving instant changes and encouraging the sale while delivering better customer experience.

Are your customers leaving your site too early? Use the platform to catch them on the way out with offers and promos.

Segment your audience into exactly how likely they are to spend — then target them accordingly.

Critical channels

Our Promotion Experience Platform can be integrated into all of your key marketing channels:

Affiliates & Partners

Acquisitions-wise, you can integrate with Uniqodo's affiliate and partners network and use them within your Promotion Experience strategy.

Paid Search & Social

You can fully segment, personalise and target your paid advertising across social and digital, and control it all from the platform hub.


From your customer’s first click through to hitting the pay button, start hitting them with the perfect promotion to consistently engage them and convert them.


Supercharge your CRM offering by giving your customers the Promotion Experience they really want. That’s relevant, based on buying habits and simple.

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Avis, using Uniqodo, increased email subscribers by 24% in Europe.

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