Stand out from the Crowd and Drive Retail Sales with Engaging Promotion Experiences

With our Promotion Experience Platform, your customers will experience more memorable, more unique and more satisfying journeys that enhance their promotional experience!

Conversion-focused promotion experiences, designed with the retail industry in mind.

We know that each and every customer is unique, so their promotional journey should be too. Our platform recognises this and helps you to leverage personalised promotions to your advantage.

Our automated promo codes enable sophisticated personalisation and control promotion strategies that target the right customers, at the right time and in the right way. Promotions drive a lot of traffic for the retail industry. Whether they’re personalised money off discounts or shopping cart abandonment emails, we understand exactly what will entice and convert new customers, engage and retain existing ones and drive better return on investment.

In short, with our platform, you’ll be best placed to stand out from the retail crowd like never before.

Student discount promotion journey

Targeted promotional experiences for retail across the
entire customer lifecycle

Acquisition can be time-consuming, complicated and expensive. Our Promotion Experience Platform helps you to eradicate these pain points from your customer acquisition strategy — ensuring you successfully convert customers through personalised, targeted promos.

With our sophisticated technology you can not only distribute, but also track every promotion you action. This leaves you in total control of your customer’s promotion experiences — from single-use to multi-use codes, we will help devise a strategy that accurately targets the audience you desire.

New customer promotion

Conversion is always at the forefront of everything we do. This means that we only use advanced, targeted promo codes as part of our promotional experience strategies. Their targeted nature allows us to reach customers at the optimal time, every time, across every customer journey.

What’s more, our time-sensitive codes minimise customer purchase windows, creating a sense of urgency unparalleled by traditional promotions. By using customer data, we personalise and pinpoint exactly what your customers want, driving conversions every time.

BT PS5 Promotion

Engagement holds up each stage of the customer lifecycle — acquisition, conversion and retention. Our Promotion Experience Platform is the secret ingredient to ensuring customer engagement at every point of the journey.

Through sophisticated automation, unwavering personalisation and promo gamification, you can more easily target customers, pique their interest and engage them with your brand. Creating a guided and engaging customer journey, leads to less abandoned baskets and more regular or repeat purchases.

It is far simpler, quicker and cheaper to retain a customer than acquire a new one, so your promotional experience strategy should be built with retention in mind. Our platform uses sophisticated data analysis to identify past behaviours and formulate them into strategies that can incentivise their future behaviour.

Through multi-stage loyalty programmes, diminishing and compounding discounts, product bundles, unique promotions and more, we can help you retain more customers than ever. You won’t be able to keep them away!

Exactly how do we create impactful promotion experiences?

Core Features

Integrated directly into your site, prioritise conversion by distributing promo codes that hit the right customers at the right moment in the right place.

Deliver memorable, personalised experiences and make them feel special by offering them unique early access codes.

Samsung landing page

Drive personalised customer experiences by designing and launching promo-centred landing pages that enhance the customer journey, and crucially, that make your brand memorable.

Travellodge criteria-based promotion

Use real-time visitor behavioral data plus any basket data to create targeted promotions that align with the desires of your customers, every time.

Offering promos through data capture channels allows you to give your customers another reason to sign up (other than your product), they’ll be more likely to convert and more likely to stick around.

Instantly flag incorrect codes with your customers and communicate clearly — drive instant changes and encourage the sale while delivering better customer experiences.

Recognise and identify when and why customers are leaving your site too early. Use our platform to catch them on the way out with offers and promos designed to make them stay.

Accurately and effectively categorise your customers based on their likelihood to actually spend — once you have this information, you can target them accordingly.

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