Our Story

Promotion to the power of experience.

Our journey from solving code leakage to pioneering Promotion Experience

Uniqodo is on a mission to redefine promotions as the catalyst for bigger and better outcomes. Launched in 2014 by two ex Awin-ers, Uniqodo was originally built to solve the issues of codes being leaked and shared into the affiliate space, eroding profits and disrupting other marketing activity. 7 years on, we have used the humble unique code to solve promotion challenges across the entire customer lifecycle, for all marketing teams, and have pioneered a new category of customer experience that we like to call Promotion Experience.

Combining the performance of advanced promotions with great customer experience to supercharge conversion and engagement, Uniqodo’s Promotion Experience Platform helps you target the right people in the moments that matter, with incentives that motivate and online experiences that inspire action. We work with some of the world’s biggest brands and eCommerce businesses across all industries to help them deliver amazing promotion experiences for their customers.

Meet our leadership team...

Headshot of Julius CTO of Uniqodo

Julius Somoye

Co-Founder & CTO

Julius co-founded Uniqodo in 2014 following 8 years leading technical development and innovation at Awin, with 15 years hands-on software engineering experience, and 10 years leading software development teams. As CTO at Uniqodo, Julius is responsible for building a scalable, robust platform and infrastructure, developing and delivering the product roadmap and overseeing key client projects. When not online, Julius is also a huge F1 fan and spends most weekends wearing his kids out on long walks and adventures.

Headshot of Chris CEO of Uniqodo

Chris Giddins

Co-Founder & CEO

Chris co-founded Uniqodo in 2014 following 9 years leading product and innovation at Awin and has 20 years of ecommerce industry experience. As CEO at Uniqodo, Chris is responsible for leading the corporate development, growth strategy and financial performance of the business. When not online, Chris is a petrolhead who never misses a F1 race and is also a keen gardener.

...And our vision for the future

In a world where data is our most valuable commodity, online is becoming increasingly private. With security online getting ever more sophisticated, customer experience is THE key factor in defining business success. Creating controlled, engaging and future-proofed customer journeys is emerging as the most important to-do item for digital marketers across the eCommerce sector.

Uniqodo’s Promotion Experience Platform has the answers to all of these moving parts, where the unique code becomes a way to tokenise promotions, advancing performance data, creating completely controlled and secure promotions, and delivering journeys that are brilliant, privacy-conscious experiences for customers.

It might sound overly simplistic to say ‘do more’ with your promotions, but with so many important jobs to cover, we help brands continue to deliver on stretching targets whilst keeping promotions secure, personalised and experience-led. 

Do you share our vision?

Explore Promotion Experience

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Improve Acquisition

Effortlessly controlled promotion integration across your paid, owned and earned channels to target only your chosen audiences and customer segments.

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Amplify Conversion

Combine advanced promotions with great onsite experiences to convert more customers that align better with business and trading goals.

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Drive Engagement

Do more with promotions than just offer discounts with engaging formats and great onsite experiences to move customers beyond the first purchase.

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Increase Retention

Driving ongoing engagement is key to achieving retention. Loyalty promotion experiences compliment existing programmes and provide standalone solutions.

The brands already embracing Promotion

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