The Promotions Engine for Advanced Discounting

Between your customers and your products or services, there are endless moments and motivations for purchase that generic promotions and discounts simply cannot support. Advanced promotions prevents discounting to customers who didn’t need incentivising, or eroding margins on products that shouldn’t be devalued. 


Truly dynamic, data-driven code distribution

Add advanced discounting functionality to any eCommerce platform with stand-out code-based marketing campaigns that use validation rules and data-driven discounts to operate criteria based promotions. 

Gamification of promotions

Gamification of promotions

Entice users with a mystery discount, unlocked by a code. Algorithms manage the distribution of offers dynamically against your KPIs.


Stretch and Save

Increase basket values with a stretch and save promotion.


Loyalty Reward

Drive engagement and repeat purchases with a loyalty reward where discounts increase with repeat usage.

Offer FOMO

Offer FOMO

Drive a sale sooner with a time based promotion where discounts reduce over time.

Dynamic availability promotions

Dynamic availability promotions

Alter the level of discount given based on the sales or revenue volumes driven.

Reward most valuable customers

Reward most valuable customers

Step-up the level of discount given based on the basket value.

Advanced Validation Rules@2x

Next Generation Promotional Capability

Control your redemptions, not your creativity. Uniqodo supports brands to push the boundaries on campaign strategy, supported by sophisticated tools that deliver results. 


Advanced Validation Rules

Make promotions targeted and specific with the Uniqodo Query Language (UQL). Rules can be written in UQL that are used to decide if a code is acceptable for use or not. This allows advanced validation of code promotion criteria against any available data.


Data-Driven Discounts

Set up a promotion where stock or capacity information is checked to decide if a discount should be given to a customer or not. This maximises profit margins as discounts are only given when there is large availability or capacity.


Error Handling & Messaging

Increase conversion rates and reduce customer frustration by creating detailed error messages for every aspect of a promotion's eligibility criteria. Output more descriptive errors so the customer can correct their purchase to gain their discount.

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Tony Barker

Head of Digital Acquisition | Travelodge

"Working with Uniqodo has significantly accelerated Travelodge’s campaign capabilities, resulting in our three biggest booking days ever".

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Oliver Mould

Senior Online Sales Manager | BT

"Uniqodo has increased the number of affiliate partners we can work with and has significantly broadened the offers BT can publicise".

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