Reduce Risks of Code Leakage and Protect
the Profit of Your Promotions.

Controlled promotions prevent over-discounting, code leakages, and unnecessary risk. They lead to more targeted promotions with a higher ROI, increased functionality and a more granular promotional strategy.

Benefits of controlling your promotions with Uniqodo

Increase Profit Margins

Codes being leaked leads to an untargeted, uncontrolled promotion and often disrupts other marketing activities.

Control your promotions by adopting Uniqodo’s technology to issue single-use unique codes. This reduces over-discounting, increases your average order value and boosts ROI.

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Advanced Functionality

Uniqodo’s technology allows you to run advanced promotions - and test new rewards and incentives without risk of them leaking. These include mystery discounts (to increase engagement by gamifying promotions), diminishing discounts and time-based expiry (to drive urgency), returning customer promotions and more.

Any advanced promotion format can increase customer engagement, reduce basket drop-off and increase customer loyalty.

Have the freedom and think creatively. Have an idea for an advanced promotion format? Let’s bring it to life!

More specific validation criteria

Using Uniqodo Query Language (UQL) you can build complex and specific product combinations, rewards, timeframes and audience validation across an unlimited number of promotions.

Create data-driven promotions that react to live data to maximise performance. For example stock, capacity or hotel blackout information can be checked to decide if a discount should be given to a customer or not. Maximise your profit margins to only discount when there is appropriate availability or capacity.

Advanced validation of code promotion criteria can also mean discounts are only available to your target audience - all to increase engagement and conversion.

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Save your time and resource

Many Uniqodo clients could already deliver single-use unique codes by generating batches of codes. However, this process is all too… Windows 95 - too manual and labour intensive.

Uniqodo’s technology simplifies the distribution of single-use unique codes by taking just one master code, communicating with the brand’s promotion engine to switch that code off (so that it can’t be leaked) and turning it into millions of single-use unique codes tethered to the specific channel or audience intended.

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Leverage the power of Uniqodo's technology

Prevent Code Misuse With
Single-Use Codes

Today, one consumer can share a multi-use promo code that wreaks havoc on your brand, campaign and margin.

Uniqodo creates unique, single-use, discount codes that protect you, your brand and your margin.

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Distribute Codes Securely

Our integrations with closed group publishers, employee benefits programs, incentive affiliates and more, mean you can securely distribute codes to your platform of choice.

Want to leverage paid social and paid search with your promo codes? Our onsite canvas tools allow you to display unique codes directly on your site from influencer promotion traffic.

Paid social code distribution

Leverage Partnerships

Targeting a specific audience with your promotions and preventing over discounting become challenges in affiliate marketing with promotions being run on an external content publisher's site.

With Uniqodo you can partner with affiliates risk-free. Our technology allows you to issue exclusive promotions with content publishers, and control, monitor and track publisher performance. What’s more, you can tap into audiences you couldn’t reach before!

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