Rapid Tag Deployment, Seamless Integration

Our Promotion Experience Platform will help you bridge the gap between promotional marketing strategy and exceptional customer experiences — which is pretty great — But it gets better…

So Let's Talk Tech

Forget lengthy, time-consuming and tedious IT projects or full blown API integrations that seem to go on and on and on… Our JavaScript tag means deployment has never been so simple and you can tap into our entire capabilities via Javascript. Whatever your eCommerce platform, tools or marketing channels are, our tag implementation means you’ll be fully functional in no time, with a commitment from us on 99.5% uptime.

We are an ISO 27001 accredited organisation, trusted by global enterprises to supercharge their promotions which means we take security very seriously.

And Here's Just How Simple It Is...

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Option One

Enable Uniqodo’s tag in your Tag Management System.


Option Two

Part of an Affiliate Network? We are part of a handful of mastertags already! Which means you can easily switch us on in the Network’s mastertag.

Option One and Two can be completed in just 20 minutes! Then, we take care of the rest!

Uniqodo engineers complete configuration to deploy the technology on site

Uniqodo’s Promotion Experience Platform enables the setup, management and monitoring of promotions and advanced promotion experiences

Step One

JavaScript Deployment

Option One

Tag Management Platform

Google task Manager

Google Tag Manager

Adobe logo


Tealium Logo




Option Two

Affiliate Network Container Tag

Awin Logo


CJ Logo

Coming soon

tradesoubler Logo

Coming soon

WebGains Logo@2x

Coming soon

Step Two

Uniqodo Configuration

Uniqodo engineers deploy with your team

Cookie classification deploy with your team

Checkout and confirmation page integration

Integrate with all pages where onsite activation is needed

Uniqodo engineers test the integration with your team

Step Three

Uniqodo Platform Training

The Uniqodo Client Success Team provides ongoing support

Uniqodo trains your teams

Ready To Start Creating Great Promotion