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Learn how we got 200K
new customers for Samsung

Samsung used Black Friday to drive lead generation alongside a commercial objective to move aged and overstocked products.

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Samsung’s Objectives

  • Capitalise on early demand and search traffic in the run up to Black Friday/Cyber Monday
  • Allowing only an intended segment of customers (new leads) and hand raisers from our engaged CRM base as a loyalty thank you, access to the early bird offers page
  • Creating exclusive access to deals for wait-list customers
  • Presenting offers in an engaging way – and then retargeting customers - to encourage increased baskets/AOV to help sell aged and overstocked SKUs
  • Ensuring unique codes can only be redeemed a maximum of 5 times per customer
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Uniqodo’s Approach

  • Samsung's Early Bird teaser campaign, facilitated by Uniqodo, ran from November 2nd to 17th, with a focus on lead generation and registrations for
  • Uniqodo created a custom landing page featuring four incentive tiers (10%, 15%, 20%, and 25% off) for eligible products.
  • Early access subscribers received a unique code via email when the page launched on November 9th.
  • Access to the Early Bird sale was restricted to customers with a unique code, ensuring controlled distribution.
  • Customers could select one product from each tier and make up to 5 purchases.
  • Uniqodo's algorithm automatically applied the correct discount to each product.
  • Bespoke messaging overlays on, powered by Uniqodo, guided early bird customers back to the Early Bird sale from their shopping baskets.
  • The promotion experience was designed to auto-populate
the unique code at checkout for convenience and increased conversion.
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“Working collaboratively with Uniqodo enabled us to deliver a campaign that was engaging and unique over a highly competitive period”

Nick White - Online Director, Samsung Electronics UK


200k New Customers

56% email open rate

40% unique click to open rate

4.49% engagement rate

4.8% conversion rate

£804k revenue

26% average discount

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